Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Assess Me Week 1

Well I am a little late to the party!  I can't believe that it is already August.  Each year I say I am going to blog more and yet that never seems to happen.  How do all of you do it?  I am linking up with the amazing Tatooed Teacher and her Assess Me Linky.

  • I have been know to give myself a few pep talks now and then.
  • No real superstitions.
  • I usually only crack my knuckles when I am bored.
  • I think I am always hungry.
  • This one suprises me because I usually alwasy have the TV on, but not today. I am trying to get some work accomplished and there are only few hours left to get up to 28% off at Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • My wisdom teeth never came in.  I didn't have them removed they are just nonexistent.
  • I will shower after I exercise!
  • I hope to go to Disney World someday.
  • I wore glasses as a kid, but not now.  I am getting older so that might change.
  • Born in Iowa, work and play in Illinois and North Carolina.

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