Thursday, August 04, 2016

Google Certification

Level 1 Certification!

I am proud to say that I am official a Google Certified Educator Level 1! 

What exactly does that mean?  Here is what Google says...
"If you're an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, this certification proves your proficiency."

What do you need to do to get certified?
  1. Go through the Fundamentals Training Course on the Google Training website.  Click on this link to take you directly to the information you will need. Level 1 Training Center.
  2. Review.  Be sure to practice the skills that are taught.  Enlist some teacher friends to be your guinea pigs when trying out different parts of Google Apps for Educaiton (GAFE).
  3. Take the test.  The test is 180 minutes long and your webcam will be on the entire time.  It is Google's way to see if you are the one taking the test.  There are both multiple choice questions similar to the ones in the Unit Review at the end of each of the 13 units.  There are also questions that ask you do complete different tasks.  Each of the apps is covered including Docs, Sites, Forms, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, Hang Outs, and Tasks.
  4. You need to pass with 80% accuracy.  If not then you will need to take the test again :(
  5. When you pass you will receive the following certificate and badge to display on your blog, website and resume!