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My name is Julie Reinhardt and I teach 4th grade girls. I love teaching and am very fortunate to work at Sacred Heart Schools on Sheridan Road.  For 10 years I taught in the computer lab.  It is possible that I taught many of the older siblings of the wonderful girls I am teaching today.  I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for two years and taught 5th grade at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School. I returned home to Chicago and have been teaching 4th grade girls ever since. This will be my sixth year teaching Academy 4b.  Even though I loved working in the computer lab, fourth grade is the perfect place for me.

I was born and raised in Iowa. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Iowa State University. Go Cyclones! I lived in Iowa until 1995 when my best friend convinced me to move to the big city.  I became a nanny for an opera singer and was able to travel the United States and Europe with her and her son. During this time I also earned a Masters of Education in Educational Technology from National-Louis University. Getting an advanced degree is how I found Sacred Heart.  A classmate I had in one of my technology classes happened to be working at SHS. She called one day and asked me to interview to be the computer applications teacher for grades 1-8. You can probably guess that I got the job and I am still here after 18 years.

I have two younger sisters, Kay and Holly. I am happily married to a wonderful man named Steve who recently became a United States citizen. Yeah!  I am also the mama to an adorable and loving grey and white kitty named Cee Cee, also known as Mrs. Cat.  How did she get those two very different names you might ask?  The answer is that Charlotte Animal Control found Cee Cee near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Everyone refers to the university as UNCC.  So she was named Cee Cee after the location where she was found.  Now, Steve insisted on calling her Mrs. Cat. (Even though there isn't a Mr. Cat.) When I questioned him about this, he said that is what all the cats were called in Russia.  Seems a little far fetched to me, but the name stuck.

I love to read as you can tell by all the books you see when walking into my classroom.  I encourage the girls to read every night for both knowledge and pleasure.  This is something I try to do myself. I also enjoy working with computers and finding creative ways to use technology in the classroom to make student learning exciting.  Last, but not least, here is a quote that is hanging on my classroom wall. I feel it explains a little about how I feel about meeting the needs of my students to ensure their success.

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